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Category Archives: Personal FInance

British Columbia Looking to Lower Payday Loan Fees

With the federal election in full swing and Parliament taking a break, provinces are looking to take action on the matter of imposing new rules and regulations on payday loans by themselves. The province of British Columbia is working to clampdown on payday loan stores that charge exponential fees on borrowed amounts. The provincial government […]

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How To Save Money on Your Auto Loans

For most people, an auto loan is one of the largest payments that they will make every month. For this reason, auto loans are big business and you will find that there are several different ways to approach them. If you want to save money on your monthly car loans, consider the following tips! 1. […]

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Why a Local Loan Co-signer Can Improve Your Chances of Being Approved

Banks will often provide borrowers with the option to include a co-signer with their loan application to help improve their ability to qualify for the debt they are looking for, or get a better rate on the funds once they are approved. However, what many people don’t realize is that finding a co-signer that the […]

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